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DBA-200 Automatic, Standard

Features & Specification

• This machine is the most general-purpose type,featuring a high strapping speed and a low failure rate
• The amount of strap storage can be freely adjusted based on the dimensions of the bow frame and the dimensions can also be selected freely according to the customer's needs


• Oiling is completely unnecessary,which simplifies maintenance
• Style of bundling:Single-and multiple-band parallel binding,both manual and automatic comtinuous bundling,spherical switch,foot switch

DBA-200 Automatic, Standard


DimensionW1410 x D600 x H1540mm(arch W850 x H600)
WeightNet.215kgs(shippping w't;250kgs)
StrapPolypropylene Width;9,10,12,16,19mm
Power0.85KVA 1ph,100V-240V,50/60Hz
Speed2.3sec/min.a cycle (arch W850 x H600)
ArchWidth:550~2850mm Height:250~1800mm
Table Height3″ 820mm/ 740mm
3″ 685mm/4″ 725mm/615mm